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Debut full length album. 12 Tracks of raging crossover thrash metal


released October 31, 2011




all rights reserved


Lifeless Cleveland, UK

Raging Crossover Thrash

'Lifeless are the most exciting new UK Thrash band... Miss them at your own peril' - TERRORIZER

'The perfect soundtrack to a circle pit' - KERRANG

'Lifeless are the soundtrack to every vomit-flecked bloodbath from here to oblivion' - ROCK SOUND

'Lifeless go off like sticks of dynamite in an oil drum.... you certainly get your money’s worth here' - THE CRACK
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  • Sep 02
    Nieuw Schoonebeek, Netherlands

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Track Name: Judgement Day
it's me against the sky, the way paved with rust.
a long time coming, ashes to dust
i was born into this war, i'll learn from what she knew
scorched earth surrounding me, this rise is overdue
the army starts to multiply, the earth beings to shake
nothing for us here, no fate but what we make
resistance growing stronger now, they're comig after you
resistance growing stronger now, two by two by two

rise not fall
the wolves are at the door
slowly coming after you
there is no other way
machines to build machines
this is judgement day

violently scorned
a tyrant fuelled by hatred
never to me mourned
what started as a microchip
turned to extermination
this will be the end for us
human eradication

rise not fall
the wolves are at the door
slowly coming after you
there is no other way
machines to build machines
this is judgement

i shall bare these scars, for all machine to see
maybe then you'll learn, you wont get the best of me
you can break my back, i'll scream it fucking hurts
before the bombs drop, prepare for the worst
Track Name: Wytchys Tyt
a burning nun to defile the cross
sorry god you're at a loss
pagans took you by the hand
their blood you spill on holy land

witches just like me and you
of pure blood that is the truth
a burden place upon their head
their punishment results in death
screaming you will hear the call
the witches hammer is due to fall
set off to burn, not by the stake
out in the heat to rott and bake

my hammer unto this earth
the pain of giving birth
evil shall provail
rivers they entail

bodies just become a shell
burning as they're dragged to hell
others raped by catholic men
never to been seen again
die inside a hollow tomb
the crime to bare the holy womb
women they should all be killed
templars word to all be grilled
a scene we can all admire
blood boiling in a fire
for a sin they cant help at all
the witches hammer is due to fall

my hammer unto this earth
the pain of giving birth
evil shall provail
rivers they entail

you can burn me, you can drown me, you can rape me.
Track Name: N.S.S
no regard for human life, your pride must have grown
betrayed as your empire gets over-thrown
shit falls from your mouth whenever you're in town
nothing but a know it all, your ships going down
organised your battle plan now its in full swing
nothing but a facist pig baptised in sin
thrown about your knowledge, at a bloody cost
you've fucked yourself this time, social holocaust


crept in like a virus, the power was too strong
now they see what you are, a cheating lying mong
sort things out, before i kick back
one on one, wait for my attack
should've cut the cord, before it all began
i win, you lose, my 5 year plan
have you ever wondered what went wrong?
your life's an anti climax, it's gone on too long


keep your fucking mouth shut, the shit stops here
with blood upon your sneakers, it's all becoming clear
has your brain given up, why do you need approval
this town will be a better place after your removal
scum of the earth, the shit on my shoe
when you're gone thats when im through
i'll be the one to cast the first stone
watch as your life gets brought down
Track Name: The End is High
get them straight, one by one
staring down a loaded bong
hear the snap, burn 'em all
eyes of red last port of call
blurred vision, curdled cries
wasted youth, misspent lives
toking resin, six skins deep
prepare yourself for eternal sleep
smoke the bush soaked in acid rain
no memories linger in your brain
reanimation from these toxic herbs
for blood and guts the braindead surge
Track Name: Altered State
get up, goto work. everyones a fucking jerk
sack this, outta here, bullshit in my ears
day went bad to worse, every breath is a curse
once again in a rush, full chill almost crushed
sick of doing nothing, i need a way out
rotting brain, head full of doubt
trouble and strife is all i'll ever know
if this goes on much longer, my mind will explode

everyday im fucking bored
i can't win
pushing all my buttons
patience wearing thin

custom made, one of one. insanity is not much fun
inbetween high and low, running empty gotta go
pills take pain away, another stage of mind decay
lost faith, feeling strange, thoughts i have are too derranged

everyday im fucking bored
i can't win
pushing all my buttons
patience wearing thin

im caught in a trap, being stabbed in the back
this thing wont defeat me, as long as i still breathe
seek and you shall find, inside my altered mind
i have lost all control, boredom has taken my soul

swallow down the poison, that makes it right
a break from the norm, escape this life
sick of everything, all the shit ive had
stomach turning over, these pills are going bad

there's no easy way out, mind filled up with doubt
emotion taken away, losing my PMA
keep pushing through, changing my point of view
somnething snapped in my brain, im completely insane.
Track Name: Slaughter (of the innocent)
its never on the news
we never see no genocide
no flowers on the graves
for the ones that died
baptised in blood
we pray for the weak
no sign of tomorrow
the future looks bleak

skin like dirt
brutally thin
fighting a war
they'll never win
stripped of your rights
knocked to the ground
speak out of turn
your bodies never found

through actual torture, you're starved to death
eagerly awaiting your last breath
suffering from diese, inevitable execution
destroying a race as if it were pollution
no sign of tomorrow, no time for repent
the inevitable slaughter of the innocent

watch them die
Track Name: Crap Tax
wake up, 6 o'clock
whats that? it's gordons cock
on the road, cans of faxe.
pull over to pay crap tax
50 cent on the plate
tug life, lets masterbate
got no coin or in a rush
you dont like go shit in bush

iggy pap strikes again
germany is not your friend
eastern europe aint no joke
whole place smells like chips and coke
chiller than most, we're here to stay
doing this till our dying day
look like shit, we're human rats
pray for porcelin, we'll pay for paps
Track Name: Nuclear Bore
the hills are alive with the sound of death
time is up, take your last breath
door to door the streets fill with rats
human vermin driven from their flats
hunger and greed has brought you here
the futures fucked, not crystal clear
sit back and wonder why,
i'll be the thorn in your side

hide behind you lawyers in a stack of files
cant you see, it's all lies
change the world a scientific scheme
peace on earth is a shattered dream
cos what you created was the killer blow
a bright light, white like snow
atomic warfare will claim the land
the power lies within your hands


look into the future, you will see the past
try and explain yourself, it's all crass
behind closed doors, is what you dont know
if they flick the switch, your ass gotta go
clock is ticking time is running out
this is it no chance to fuck about
push the button or pull the trigger
whip out your nukes, lets see whose dick is bigger

cold war, nuclear bore, what the fuck are we waiting for
Track Name: sXc
friday night its getting late
too tired to masterbate
a figure walking down the hall
it's a fucking booty call


late night calls, sneaky texts
ex girlfriend is getting vexed
there's only one thing left to do
im gonna have to ruin you

Track Name: Harder They Fall
we're just bodies, waiting to die
no soul, blackened out eyes

you mean nothing to me now
the clouds drawn, your suns blackened out
Track Name: Black Water
show me a hell that ive never seen before
a thousand lost souls, begging for more
sky cast black, clouds turn to gray
waiting for this moment in total decay
scenes from a book of lies we all thought untrue
face to face with the beast you change your point of view
head dipped to one side, creature from the deep
devouring lives, my soul he's gonna reap

waves crashing all around, the tide is rising high
a bellowing horn, i know im gonna die

the pressure is true, my only desire
a satanic ritual of funeral fire

sign of the serpent, in total unrest
casting my shadow in the west
spawned from hatred, created by fear
visions of your death, drawing ever near
a love violence, what a thrill
im never gonna stop, until ive killed
a different kind of insanity, trapped in a cage
plague of this earth filled with rage

waves crashing all around, the tide is rising high
a bellowing horn, i know im gonna die
Track Name: Born Dead
crept from the dirt, battered and old
not everything that shines has always been gold
a faceless terror, no sign of tomorrow
beg on your knees in this time of sorrow
a demon, a lord. risen from the grave
black magic, witchery, your mind he'll enslave
confront this evil is something you will dread
hail to me, for i am, born dead

bruised ribs knuckle down, im gonna wreck this fucking town
left for dead in a previous life, come back round i'll own tonight
children, a wife. banked up with greed
seven ply canadian steed is all i'll ever need
shot out bearings, bent up trucks
a head full of haze and a mind full of fuck
sourcery of a different kind
brainwashed youths, ruined minds
do my bidding, be my rats
hail to the lord of mesh caps

flannel shirt, cut off demin
eyes of red from smoking resin
hesh law is how we roll
not down with that? smoke my pole
drop in, act a dick
gonna smash a fast trick
blunt to fakie, hardflip disaster
bow to the one, the concrete master

born dead