Judgement Day (discog)

by Lifeless

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Available in hard copy on our 2011 European tour. This cd includes all recordings from the 'Full Chill' and the first two singles from our debut full length


released April 9, 2011



all rights reserved


Lifeless Cleveland, UK

Raging Crossover Thrash

'Lifeless are the most exciting new UK Thrash band... Miss them at your own peril' - TERRORIZER

'The perfect soundtrack to a circle pit' - KERRANG

'Lifeless are the soundtrack to every vomit-flecked bloodbath from here to oblivion' - ROCK SOUND

'Lifeless go off like sticks of dynamite in an oil drum.... you certainly get your money’s worth here' - THE CRACK
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  • Sep 02
    Nieuw Schoonebeek, Netherlands

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Track Name: Judgement Day
It's me against the sky the way paved with rust A long time coming, ashes to dust I was
born into this war, I'll learn from what she knew Scorched earth surrounding me,
this rise is overdue The army starts to multiply the earth begins to shake Nothing for
us here, no fate but what we make Resistance growing stronger now theyre coming
after you Resistance growing stronger now two by two by two

Rise not fall, the wolves are at the door Slowly coming after you, there is no other
way machines to build machines this is judgement day

the beast has been warned a tyrant fuelled by hatred never to be mourned what
started as a microchip turned to extermination... this will be the end for us,
human eradication...

Rise not fall, the wolves are at the door Slowly coming after you, there is no other
way machines to build machines this is judgement day

I will bare these scars for all machines to see maybe then you'll learn you wont get
the best of me you can break my back ill scream it fucking hurts but before
Track Name: Wytchys Tyt
a burning nun to defile the cross
sorry god you're at a loss
pagans took you by the hand
their blood you spill on holy land

witches just like me and you
of pure blood that is the truth
a burden place upon their head
the punishment results in death
screaming you will hear the call
the witches hammer is due to fall
set off to burn but not by the stake
out in the heat to rot and bake

my hammer unto this earth
the pain of giving birth
evil shall provail
crimson rivers they entail

bodies just become a shell
burning as they're dragged to hell
other raped by catholic men
never to be seen again
die inside a hollow tomb
a crime to bare the holy womb
women they shall all be grilled
templars word to all be kill
a scene we can all admire
blood boiling in a fire
for a sin they cannot help at all
the witches hammer is due to fall

my hammer unto this earth
the pain of giving birth
evil shall provail
crimson rivers they entail

You can burn me, you can drown me, you can rape me
Track Name: N.S.S
no regard for human life your pride must have grown
betrayed as your empire gets overthrown
bullshit falls from your mouth whenever you're in town
nothing but a kiss ass, your ships going down
organize your battle plan, now it's in full swing
nothing but a know it all, baptised in sin
thrown about your knowledge, at a bloody cost
you've fucked yourself this time, social holocaust


crept in like a virus, the power was too strong
now they see what you are, a cheating, lying, mong.
sort things out before i kick back
one on one, wait for my attack.
should've cut the cord before it all began
i win you lose, my 5 year plan
have you ever wondered what went wrong?
when your lifes and anti-climax it's gone on too long


keep your fucking mouth shut, the shit stops here
with blood upon your 'sneakers' it's all become clear
has your brain given up, why do you need approval?
this town would be a better place after your removal
scum of the earth, the shit on my shoe
when you're gone that's when im through
i'll be the one to cast the first stone
watch as your life, gets brought down
Track Name: The Ripper
Walking down the streets late at night
The nigh is crawling it gives me a fright
Creeping round with other men you havent got a clue
Wait 'til he finds out you'll see what he can do
Cutting you from limb to limb ripping at your throat
Spilling out your blood like a sacrificial goat
Blood shot eyes stand out in the mist
Dont double cross Jack you'll find out that hes pissed

Blasting his way through the boundaries of hell
You think you can destroy him?
You better think again
You begin to panic as your chances grow slim
You better think again as the night is closing in
I won't quit ripping them 'til I get put in chains
For all that they do noones killed in vain
Whores of the sreet he takes them in his grasp
Charging men for sluts
He'll cut you straight in half

Last thing you'll hear will be the scream of a helpless old slag losing her spleen
Nothing helps you press to survive
Keep oin running just to stay alive
He's got you now the sadistic fuck
Trapped in a nightmare
Shit out of luck
Sick old Jack forced you to death
You'll keep spilling blood 'til your last dying breath
Track Name: Full Chill
You cant fight you cant run,
we're gonna kill you, its all for fun
Start ripping flesh, destroying lives
You'll find it hard, just to stay alive
Now its back to you, at the final stand
Go before things get out of hand
Gnarly dudes ripping it to shreds
Getting low, rising from the dead

Bite the dust and now you'll see
We're the scum of socity
You try to survive
But no-one gets out alive

Starting to see I'm at a dead end
Full time job in a brainless trend
Hold me down and watch me choke
My life's not rad it's a fucking joke
4-wheeled demons filled with hate
I'm not evil, I just wanna skate
Totally out of control
Over the line in a backyard bowl

Bite the dust and now you'll see
We're the scum of socity
You try to survive
But no-one gets out alive

Death box, get ready to slam
I'm about to hit the floor like a battering ram
Too much to do, too little time
Death to false dudes who cant finish their line
Plain to me why can't you see
Shredding ain't easy ask F.M.B
Go home leave your troubles behind
Time to play games and get back your mind

Living - Hating
Loving - Waiting
Fighting - Failing
Shredding - Bailing
Track Name: Party for your Right to Fight
The party's kicking off, everyone is over there
You came on your own, you clearly don't care
What anybody thinks, or what you like to drink
By the end of the night you'll be praying to the sink
Mouth wide open 20 beers in your brain
Falling on the floor, downing trampagne
Smashing through walls and stomping down stairs
Let's rip this place apart let's see who dares

Case of beer in your hand
Mischief in your mind
Anybody in your way
Will surely fucking die

Been drinking your way to an early grave
Supping that shit, a white cider slave
Hitting on every girl that walks into this place
Her boyfriend says
'fuck off or I'll kick you in the face'
Grab another bottle and swill it down your neck
Get up to take a piss and hit the fucking deck
So much booze is running through your veins
Foaming at the mouth, about to go insane
Police have crashed in, through the front door
Bowl of vodka jelly smashed on the floor
Vacant mindless stare legs are giving way
Words are in your mouth but they can't fucking spray
Vision goes red, blood pouring down
Mace and bloody truncheon, beaten to the ground
You may have won the war but there's no need to hate
Cos all I wanna do is Drink Thrash and Skate

White Fucking Storm, GO!
Track Name: Lifeless
Lay you on the table
Segregated to die
Hoplding down your limbs
Gouging out your eyes
My maker came from the depths of hell
to feast on your life
Struggling, I'll tie you down
I'll cut you with this knife

Parasite, your dead to me
Your time is up, it's plain to see
Strapped to the cross, this is it
Time is up you piece of shit

Stench of decay, in this morbid hell
This is how it ends
Your future is not well
Preach your catholic cult
You must be fucking thick
Follower of jesus
I'll put you on a stick
Hand dipped in toxin
Bone breaks the skin
Wage a war with Satan
You will never win
Track Name: Night of the Living Shred
Gouging, Ripping, Tearing from bone
Your flesh starts to rot
No hope for you at all
A zombie invasion is raping the land
Blood starts to boil as bodies turn to sand
You had your chance, this is how it worked out
The hope that you had is driven beyond doubt
Bitten, and the toxins in your brain
They're having a reaction
It's driving you insane

call off the ambulance we're going to war
Smashing up zombies is what we live for
Ram a knife into his back
Police have joined in
We're all on the attack
Grab your board and hit 'em with the trucks
We're gonna have to kill all these zombie fucks
FALSE METAL BEN!! - Punch them in the face
If we don't destroy them
They'll kill the human race

Murder in 2000
No one was left alive
Teachers and politicians
Everyone fucking died
No one can save you now
It's running through your veins
Cutting off the air
Suffocating your brain

Re-animated, born from hell
We are the living dead
Lifeless, feasting moral
Its time to fucking Shred

No point in trying
Get ready to die
Fear in your eyes as they start to multiply
Keep on running
Time is running out
Your body is changing
Try to scream and shout
Track Name: Hellride
You're dead, vert vamp
Slam the floor like a fucking tramp
Bite that neck, watch it bleed
Life so horrid and filled with greed
Take your life, seal your fate
Pulse racing sporadic heart rate
Sucking blood, and none is wasted
Check your fucking head

Cos he hasn't seen the light of day
For a thousand years
Sitting on his couch
Slamming loads of beers
When it comes to night time
When it's nice and dark
Searching for a victim
In his local park

Going down to surfer camp
To see what he can do
Vert vamp is here
He's coming after you
He's gonna rip it up
He's calling out your name
He's gonna make you wish like you never fucking came

Gonna Rip It Up

Hyped up on plasma
No time for hesitating
Time to drop in and get fucking wasting
Wearing corpse paint
The black metal lord
All will die who live by the board

Falses hanging out
They haven't got a clue
If the vamp catches you I wonder what he'll do
He'll bite out your neck
He'll rip you apart
He'll Show you the remains of your still beating heart

Gonna Rip It Up

He's Gonna
Fuck Fuck Fuck
You up
Track Name: Deathrow
Raping me and my friends for our weed
Smoke your life away, driven my greed
Selling your shit for a small cash in
What you need is a good fucking thrashin'
I'll beat you 'til you're black and blue
Forensics won't have a clue
Bleeding from your mouth, your eyes
Screaming to me

I Want To Die

Melting brain pushing through your skull
Radiation glow, now you're not so dull
Once he's granted you the highest power
Your soul he'll take and slowly devour
Pizza dick, paint a target on his back
Smash him now with a sweet attack
When you see the hate filled up in my eyes
You will see it's you that I truly despise

Bound and Gagged
This is your demise
Cray for your god
Pray to the skies

He can't help you now
6ft underground
Maggots feed on your corpse
That's where you'll be found

It's Kill or be Killed